Sardine run (June 2014 & July 2017)
Every year between june and july, millions of sardines swim along the mozambique canal. They are followed by thousands of birds, sharks and dolphins... It is one of the most amazing show that we can see on earth ! 
Aliwal shoal (Oct. 2013 & June 2014)
The bad weather we had at the beginning of our stay prevent us to go diving for 3 days. The 4th day we had the authorization to leave with 2 to 3 m waves... It was quite bumpy but what a pleasure when we go diving! We could see oceanic black tips and ragged tooth sharks. I could only make 4 dives there so I am sure I will come back to get the opportunity to see the tiger ;-)
Gansbaai (0ct. 2013)
From the shore, we can see southern right whales with their babies, hundred of cormorans and sometime dead seal puppy bodies on the rocks. Gansbaai is also well know for the great white shark encounters...
Safari (Oct. 2013)
We could do 2 daily safari at Tala and Hluhluwe natural reserves. They are not as big as Kruger one, but we can see there some big animals ;-) 
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