Coiba (Feb. 2009)
This 7 days dive cruise all around the Coiba archipelago was supposed to be exciting as this destination was quite new... And as Coiba is quite closed to the magic triangle Cocos-Malpélo-Galápagos, some nice encounters could also be expected... Coiba islands are beautiful and they remind me Cocos Island with nice beaches... Unfortunately, the dives were less interesting than expected. We only have 2 days of nice dives with encounters of a school of devil rays and another school of eagle rays. The other days offer nothing really interesting because of bad visibility and very little underwater wildlife encounters. The main problem was linked to the fact that our dive guide quits after 3 days (sic) and that without his experience, we were unable to find the good spots... But Coiba still remains interesting for me because from the 2 "good days" of diving and the species I could see, I am sure that the "big fishes" are there and all we need is to have an experienced dive guide that can bring us to them... So I would be pleased to retry this destination as soon as possible!
You can check my travel guide to get some advices about this destination
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