Falkland islands are situated in the very south of Latin America. Their oceanic climate is generally cool and dominated by westerly winds. The sensation of extreme freedom is enforced by the fantastic wildlife encounters with albatros, penguins and seals.

Saunders, Sea Lion, Carcass & East Falkland


This jourey took place in December 2007. During our 3 weeks journey, we stay in 4 different islands. Each one has its own interests and specificities:

  • Saunders island: this is the wildest island we have been in. We can see there gentoo, rockhopper and magellanic penguins, but also albatroses. A small colony of king penguins also leave there.
  • Sea Lion island is the smallest island but it offers the most concentrated wildlife of all. We can see there gentoo, rockhopper and magellanic penguins, but also elephant seals and sea lions of course.
  • Carcass is the most peacefull. As there is no rats in this islands, the number of small birds leaving there is very important.
  • East Falkland is the main island and has the largest colony of king penguins.

Travel book

All the pictures proposed in this section are taken by Canon EOS 5D, Canon EOS 30D and Canon EOS 20D digital SLR cameras.


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Travel book

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