Sipadan (Avr. 2003)
I have never seen such big schools of fishes (jackfishes, barracudas) ! This is heaven for macro: frogfish, leaffish, ghostpipe fish, nudibranches... If you are lucky, you could see hammerhead sharks. Otherwise, lots of white tips sharks and some grey reef one too. During each dives, you will see 10 turtles at least, because Sipadan is a sanctuary for them. The reef is not in good health : lots of dead corals... 6 dives a day are proposed (4 dives with the dive master) : 6am, 9am, 11am, 3pm, 7pm and one night dive. There is aircon but you need to use insect repellent by night.
Layang-Layang (Avr. 2003)
I could see there the school of barracudas quite every morning between 35 and 50m deep. Some other people can also see a marlin. As Layang Layang is far away from the coast, we have more chances to meet some pelagic fishes there than in Sipadan. The reef was in good shape. This trip is only for divers: the island is very small and there is no beach if you only want to swim... We dive 3 times a day (7am, 10am and 3pm) and you can have unlimited dives from the shore in the afternoon... But there is nothing to see there. The dive masters are very professional, the food (asian food) is good and the hotel is very comfortable. There is aircon and I did not see any mosquitoes there.
Sarawak (Avr. 2003)
I spent there 1 wonderful week between Kota-Kinabalu and the Sarawak. I could go down a river looking for crocodiles, birds and probiscus monkeys; I went to an Orang Outang sanctuary and to the Gomatong cave where thousands of birds and bats live together...
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