"Minke whales" Expedition 
During one week, the boat cruises on the Great Barrier Reef (Ribbon Reef more precisely) looking for the whales. Even if it is forbidden to go to the whales when they are at least than 100m from you, you can let them come to you. So as soon as a whale is seen, the ship is stopped and 2 ropes are launched on the water. We just have to go into the water, attached to the rope and wait for the whale. We saw them every day and they come such close (up to 2 meters from me). I will never forget the strong feeling when they come and see me with their big eyes! The biologists and researchers on the Undersea Explorer share also their passion with us.
"Sharks at Osprey reef" Expedition 
The Great Barrier Reef remains a good spot for divers but due to the increasing of dailies boats, we must go further in the north or in Osprey Reef in order to have the chance to meet some big pelagic fishes. I saw one bull shark there but I was so surprised (it was the first time I saw a 3m shark) that I did not take any photo. So I wish I could come there again in order to take a picture of this shark...
Visit of Port Douglas 
Port Douglas is the Undersea Explorer harbour. Between the 2 expeditions, I could visit this nice city and also a croc farm! 
You can check my travel guide to get some advices about this destination
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